School Dinners
As a Nursery and Children’s Centre we take a pro-active approach to the wellbeing of young children and their families.  Our belief is that a balanced, healthy and nutritious diet is important for a child’s physical growth as well as their general development, including the ability to learn new skills and improving future life chances.

Eating healthily helps children with their concentration levels – which in turn affects their development and achievement.
Food is also an opportunity to learn: about sharing and having a meal with others, using knives and forks, and about healthy eating and food.

Our meals are served by familiar and qualified Nursery staff, allowing time to talk and listen. It’s good to know that our children are getting a well-balanced and healthy school meal. Our nutritious, balanced meals are prepared fresh each day by our cook Anna.
We Have been rated as Very Good by the Food Hygiene Agency

Last inspection 04 December 2015